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Teaching Multilingual Learners

I am so excited about this new adventure! I will be studying Teaching Multilingual Learners and this is such a great fit for my teaching career. Always passionate about language learning and linguistics, making connections, and lifelong learning, this program will help me with learning new strategies to connect with my learners.

Best Teaching Strategies for Multilingual Learners

While I am studying, I will be sharing my learning journey with you and my colleagues at my Chinese high school. This short introductory video shows. What you can expect to see on my site.
Overview of my studies at Moreland. University in Washington, D.C.

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If you are an educator, parent, or grandparent and looking for practical strategies to use with children, concepts to understand, and ideas that can be easily implemented about how to create space for self and others, you have landed in the right spot.

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Children learn how to solve problems the same way they learn how to read, write, and add. Like reading, writing, and adding, there are three specific components to solving problems. These are teachable skills children can learn at any age.

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