Syntax, Structure, and Grammar



When creating my lesson I used a Content Based Instruction approach and attempted at Complexity Theory to provide context and structure.


Diane Larsen-Freeman shared about creating meaning when teaching grammar. This makes sense to me as grammar is defined as being a system of rules for language and by creating a lesson that connects previous experiences with the grammar element of pronouns, I hope to have captured her meaning in the activities.

Instructional Method

Emergent themes of making connections between the instructional materials: video, handouts, group discussions, and writing with pronouns and the students’ own experiences with shopping my help them to make similar connections to other experiences.

Using the handouts with fill-in-the-blanks for the pronouns may be referred to as Informed Gap Activity although focused on pronouns in my activity as presented. This type of activity leads students to fill in the blanks with missing information. I am hoping the context of our discussions in my lesson provide for this type of meaning with the activity I chose for my lesson plan.

I wanted to create a lesson plan I can implement for my Grade 10 Writing class. Given the time is 40minutes, I have created my lesson including a homework activity for their final written piece for assessment. 

Grammar Lesson Plan for Pronouns

Learner Profile

Grade 10 English language learners in English writing class. Writing class is 40 minutes in length. 

Bridge-In (5 minutes)

Watch the following video demonstrating a shopping trip at a market.

Discuss in groups of 3 what happened in the video.


  1. To explain pronouns.
  2. To write a journal entry about a shopping experience.

Pre- Assessment (5 minutes)

Review what students have already learned to measure students’ understanding. Continue the discussion about the video by referencing the video. Ask the students to give examples of using Subject, Object, and Possessive Pronouns to describe the people and their experience in the video.


He asked the seller for the price of the T-shirt.

Then, write a few basic sentences on the board and ask students to fill in the pronouns.

________ is an excellent seller.
_____ thinks __________ is expensive.
__________ looked like they had fun shopping. 

Next, write both singular and plural subjects with proper names and with objects.

__________ funny when negotiating.

______ was happy with his final purchase of ________.

Participatory Activities (20 Minutes)

Students will complete the following handout about Pronouns:

Subject PronounObject PronounPossessive AdjectivePossessive Pronoun
you youryours
 her hers
it its 

This is the completed handout:

Subject PronounObject PronounPossessive AdjectivePossessive Pronoun

In pairs, students will share an experience they had while shopping. They will make notes in their notebook about key points and highlights of their shopping experience.

As a class we will debrief the students’ shopping experiences and capture the key points using Padlet. The Padlet information will include the following:• Where they shopped• What they were buying• How much they paid for their item• Summary of the experience


Students will then organize their experience into the following writing format in their notebooks:

  • Introduction  Main Idea
  • Supporting Idea 1
  • Supporting Idea 2 
  • Summary/ Conclusion

Students will use subject, object, and possessive pronouns to describe their shopping experience.

Post- Assessment (10 minutes)

The students will complete the following handouts and we will correct in class as a Summative Assessment:

The following rubric will be used to evaluate the students writing from their Homework:

Areas of Assessment ABCD
IdeasPresents ideas in an original mannerPresents ideas in a consistent mannerIdeas are too generalIdeas are vague or unclear
OrganizationStrong and organized beg/mid/endOrganized beg/mid/endSome organization; attempt at a beg/mid/endNo organization; lack beg/mid/end
UnderstandingWriting shows strong understandingWriting shows a clear understandingWriting shows adequate understandingWriting shows little understanding
Word ChoiceSophisticated use of nouns and verbs make the essay very informativeNouns and verbs make essay informativeNeeds more nouns and verbsLittle or no use of nouns and verbs
Sentence StructureSentence structure enhances meaning; flows throughout the pieceSentence structure is evident; sentences mostly flowSentence structure is limited; sentences need to flowNo sense of sentence structure or flow
MechanicsFew (if any) errorsFew errorsSeveral errorsNumerous errors
The SIOP Model


Teaching with the SIOP Model


If you are an educator, parent, or grandparent and looking for practical strategies to use with children, concepts to understand, and ideas that can be easily implemented about how to create space for self and others, you have landed in the right spot.

Start Here

Children learn how to solve problems the same way they learn how to read, write, and add. Like reading, writing, and adding, there are three specific components to solving problems. These are teachable skills children can learn at any age.


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