Integrating Technology in Lessons

student and teacher integrating technology in lessons


Teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage their students in lessons. This is a great video activity teachers can do with their students. Integrating technology is fun and engaging for students in high school. This activity example includes the activity requirements to complete the task.

For my high school students, I often use a video activity, rather than a traditional presentation activity, for students to visualize their topics. This helps to reinforce learning as students create context around their topics using main ideas, and supporting ideas. Students can then create an emotional appeal to their viewers using images, video clips, and audio to project their main ideas.

Here are two examples of how my students use technology in our lessons.

Students create animations to include in their video presentations.
Students create visuals for a video presentation of a creative writing project.

The following activity can be modified to include your requirements.

Activity Requirements

  1. Create a 5 minute video that reviews one law or policy that affects the day-to-day functioning of schools, students, and teachers in the country in which you are living or in your home country. The video presentation should:
    • Describe accurately the selected law or policy
    • Discuss the historical and current perspective on the selected law/policy as well as its strengths and weaknesses
    • Reflect on how the law or policy affects schools in general and teaching and learning in particular
  2. Use a video editing tool to annotate your video with text transitions to highlight the key ideas in your video. Be sure that your first and last name is included in your video

I used Biteable subscription membership to create my instructional video. Biteable also has a free membership. Canva now offers video templates and YouTube also has Creator Studio. You can find free video editing tools in apps. Splicer is a great one too.

This blog post shares 39 education technology tools you can use in your classroom:

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If you are an educator, parent, or grandparent and looking for practical strategies to use with children, concepts to understand, and ideas that can be easily implemented about how to create space for self and others, you have landed in the right spot.

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Children learn how to solve problems the same way they learn how to read, write, and add. Like reading, writing, and adding, there are three specific components to solving problems. These are teachable skills children can learn at any age.

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