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During the week of International Women’s Day, it seems like the right time to share what I’ve been up to in 2022. Early in the year, someone told me this year is Twenty Plenty Two. This resonated with me as many of my projects will come to an end in 2022 and it is time to set the stage for what the next few years will look like for me.

Illustration of front cover for Ada and Her Magic Feather

Becoming a Children’s Author

This is an exciting time for me! I have moved my feet forward in the direction I want to be this year and beyond. It has been a remarkable journey, with significant learning curves. I have been busy building my house for where I see my future. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to be a children’s book author and with the love and encouragement from my soul tribe, I am over the moon with joy to share with you that I have written my very FIRST children’s book! ‘Ada and Her Magic Feather’ is a series and the first book will be available on Amazon in the coming weeks!

The Children’s Book Series

In this book series, Ada and her Magic Feather take us on an exploration of self-love. Written for children and intended for girls and women of all ages, Ada and her Magic Feather show us how important it is to remain connected with our inner voice beyond childhood.

This first book, as with subsequent books, is a powerful coming-of-age story encapsulating the importance of family, the value of courage, and the transformative power of friendship. In a modern-day girl power tale, Ada, a 3rd grader, navigates setting boundaries with people around her. Balancing her fears with courage, her grandmother (Kokum) and Magic Feather keep a watchful eye as they help prepare her for a life-shaping experience.

Spoiler Alert! The Magic Feather is Ada’s Spirit and with the wisdom of her Kokum, Ada is empowered to be her own hero!

Illustrations Back Story

I have found a magnificent illustrator who has brought my characters to life. These pencil drawings are a sneak peek of what they will look like! My books include watercolors and I will be sharing more illustrations in the coming weeks. I am also grateful to my cousin, Norma, for sharing pictures of my Kokums. My illustrator has captured their essence in her drawings and I am blown away by the resemblances.

My Kokum Mary (My Mother’s Mother)
My Kokum Elsie (Mary’s Cousin)
These Kokums loved each other so very much and spent their time together talking and laughing.
Ada and Her Kokum
Ada’s Magic Feather
Ada, a powerful Grade 5’er who is a modern-day hero.

My Legacy Piece

This work is my legacy piece, my love work. It is also important for me to share the legacy of my elders. My Kokums were instrumental in my life and although they are no longer with us, I carry them in my heart and am sharing their wisdom with the next generations.

Grade 5 Reading Level

My books are designed for Grade 5 reading comprehension programs and I will be promoting them to schools with unit and lesson plans. A cultural aspect, as well as life lessons and managing relationships, I feel like I have created a home for my experiences in education, conflict management, business, and my own self-discovery.

The Characters

Ada has become my third child, she has taught me to embrace the wisdom of the elders. I too continue to be embraced by my Kokums love and guidance and am so very grateful for their teachings.

I am so appreciative of your love and encouragement when I was blogging consistently during my time here teaching in China. It was the healing piece I needed to move forward with my life to get to this place of creativity.

Moving forward, Twenty Plenty Two it is! I am grateful and blessed with the Universe’s magic. Sending you all light and love.

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  1. Suzanne, I would very much like to connect and tell you about Edsoma, an app that helps children and adults become better and more confident readers. I would like to have a conversation about having your books on our platform for children, schools and incarcerated parents who want a connection with their children as the right their life.

    1. suzannemarie – Canada – Educator and published author of conflict management and children's books. Living life to its fullest. I believe in courageously honouring my truth and living my legacy. Lover of meaningful conversations, coffee, food, art, and building connections. I love writing about my fascination with culture, food, adventure, self-love, and living a healthy and fulfilled life!

      Hi Vaughn, thank you for reaching out. Your app sounds interesting, I’ve checked it out online and followed your Instagram account- great content! Let’s set up a time, I am currently overseas in Hainan, China so we need to coordinate time zones for a call. Let me know when works for you- my late nights, so your mornings usually work best on my end. Looking forward to hearing from you, s.

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