Canadian Metis Author Writes Children’s Book About a Modern- Day Girl Power Hero

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Children Learn About Setting Healthy Boundaries

‘Ada and Her Magic Feather’ (2022) by Suzanne Marie, MA., MEd. is now available.

National Indigenous People’s Day is the perfect day to launch a book that bridges the past with the future for Canadian Indigenous children. 

Many of today’s Indigenous youth feel disconnected from their past. This book helps to close this gap by highlighting the special relationships children have with their grandparents.

Every day after school, Ada sits with her Kokum (grandmother) to enjoy tea and bannock and discuss her day. Ada’s Kokum is a supportive and loving character who is traditional to the First Nations’ way of life and creates space for Ada to find solutions to her problems. 

Through her time with Kokum, Ada learns about values-based topics like setting healthy boundaries in relationships, self-love, and self-respect. 

Above all, ‘Ada and Her Magic Feather’ showcases the power of girls and women. In this heartwarming story about setting healthy boundaries, the characters come to life and rally around each other during a pivotal life-altering moment for Ada. Love is woven throughout and it is written in a relatable and meaningful way to connect similar experiences with young readers.

Suzanne, a retired Chartered Mediator, has drawn on her more than 20 years of experience in education and conflict management to bring this children’s book, and its important themes for today’s young people, to life. 

‘Ada and Her Magic Feather’ is available on Amazon in print edition. 

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