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NEW in 2022, I have begun my journey as a children’s writer and authored and published a children’s book series. ‘Ada and Her Magic Feather’ is a Grade 5 Reading Level (Flesch) series written for children and intended for women and girls of all ages.

Previously, I have published two books in conflict management. Both are handy for you to use at work and at home. One is for day-to-day work and life and the other is a curriculum I used for high-risk youth in alternate high schools, youth detention centers, and youth homeless shelters.

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Ada and Her Magic Feather

A powerful coming-of-age story encapsulating the importance of family, the value of courage, and the transformative power of friendship.

In a modern-day girl power tale, Ada, a 3rd grader, navigates setting boundaries with people around her. Balancing her fears with courage, her grandmother and Magic Feather keep a watchful eye as they help prepare her for a life-shaping experience.

Take Charge of the Tough Talks: 7 Truths about Conflict Management

The life lessons I learned from my dad, our family, and our community, shaped my desire to promote understanding to people in conflict. My passion and spark is with providing opportunities for people to tell their own truths in a way that will help them to find solutions. In all of the training, courses and education I have both taken and taught over the years, along with the many facilitations and mediations I have led, one truth stands before all others: at the end of the day, and through it all, we take charge of the tough talks and always make it through. Finding the courage to bring the difficult conversations to the table is the most challenging part of a tough talk. Once you are there, we have many concepts, models, theories and acquired skills that we can draw upon to help us through. This book includes many concepts and models that can be easily implemented into your daily conversations. In closing, taking charge of the tough talks means you can feel confident, at ease and in total control of what is taking place. You have a method, a model, a way of managing the difficult conversations that is all empowering and full of grace. By taking charge, you set the tone for solutions. You are the creator for the life you want for yourself, and for others.

TACT (Teens and Conflict Together): A Facilitator’s Guide for Empowering Youth to Engage in Creative Problem Solving.

High school is an uncertain period for all youth. With negotiating peer pressures while defining their own identity, youth experience periods of uncertainty, and oftentimes anxiety, in high school. Navigating tough conversations and managing conflict is a daily occurrence for young people. Giving them options to practice these essential life skills is crucial in their coping and establishing healthy boundaries in their relationships.

  • 6 lessons with handouts for fun and engaging activities.
  • Unique ways to facilitate discussions about conflict with youth.
  • Experiential games to get youth up and moving together.

TACT is a six-session, skills based program designed for facilitation by professionals in school and community systems and is structured to provide youth with opportunities for reflection of personal communication styles, conflict management styles and beliefs about their relationships with each other, their peers and the world around them. Skills are presented using fun and interactive games to both encourage and empower youth to employ a problem solving process for conflict management and conflict resolution. There is a literacy component to the program, as well as art and creative writing.

“As a student, I sometimes get frustrated when education is more about producing and measuring results than the learning process. However, that is not the case in Suzanne’s communication class at the Lethbridge College. She has an in-depth knowledge and passion about interpersonal communication, and is oftentimes able to explain course content with pragmatic approaches. We were lucky to have Suzanne as an instructor, because I will be applying what she taught in class for the rest of my career.”

— Eric Wong, International Student

“Suzanne always came to class with such a positive attitude which made going to class more enjoyable than it can be sometimes. She took the time to learn our names and actually cared about her students and their success.”

— Lydia Langille, Student

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