Suzanne Marie

Hi, I’m Suzanne – I’m currently located in Hainan, China, and am passionate about creating meaningful connection, belonging, and security in my classrooms and beyond.

Everyone can become their potential.

This is the foundation of my career. Background, experience, ethnicity, socio-cultural roots, language, intellectual and emotional capacities, and desire are all woven into the fabric of our learning potential while creating space for self and others.

Working with people from all walks of life for the past 22+ years has inspired me to live my truth and always keep learning.

With Metis roots, I was born and raised in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. In recent years, I have been named “Mah-Nis-Da-Gee” (Woman of Many Tribes) by Blackfoot Elders. My Chinese colleagues named me 苏晓蝶 (Beautiful, Dawn, Butterfly). These names have shaped my identity as an educator, author, mother, and grandmother.

I wake up each day with a heart full of desire to live my best life.

With early travel experiences, I visited a classroom in Crooked Island, Bahamas and knew I would travel, teach, and write in the future. In 2018, winding down my career as it was and with my children grown, I fulfilled a lifelong dream and finally traveled to visit classrooms in Huatulco, Mexico, and Tanzania, Africa.

I moved to Beijing, China at the end of 2019 and worked in Wall Street of Beijing as a corporate trainer to top-level executives at Fortune 500 companies. Currently, I am in Hainan, China, and teaching high school students at the Chinese school rated #2 overall in China for our International Department.

With two adult children who are university educated and gainfully employed, I am a proud mother and Kokum (grandmother) of high-performance children in both studies and athletics.

In my free time, I am dedicated to my meditation practice and am an aspiring yogi. Being in a tropical environment, I enjoy water sports and spend as much time as possible at the beach.

I share space with my fur babies, 盼盼 “Pan-Pan” (Beijing Street Kitty) and Cathy (Golden Retriever), and live each day to its fullest.

You are welcome to message me anytime to connect and share what you are doing to live your best life to become your potential. I am available to discuss opportunities to collaborate and share.

What People Are Saying

“Suzanne’s passion for what she teaches comes through in her openness as she shares from her personal life lessons. Her professionalism and expertise are gifts that demonstrate her strength and knowledge as she provides tangible tools to assist the learner. Suzanne creates an environment that generates possibilities for effective and positive change.”

Diana S., Executive Director

“Suzanne is very clear and concise with what she wants and is highly adaptable. She isn’t afraid of work and learns at a ferocious pace which enables her to effectively get work done and do so with passion. An expert in her field she is not one to hoard knowledge, in fact she is quite the opposite and her teaching heart comes through immediately with the way she attacks the challenge of passing on what she knows to whomever is willing to learn. Combine that with a thirst for innovation and love of technology and you get someone who will transfer her knowledge to you while at the same time encourage and energize you”

Tyler W. , Emerging Instructional Technology Lead

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