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Suzanne Marie, MA., M. Ed.

Hi! I’m Suzanne, a freelance writer and your partner in leadership development.

Bringing together business people, teachers, and thought leaders to develop their leadership skills.

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Empowering Leaders

As a leader, you are responsible for communicating your vision to your team, setting an example by communicating effectively with them and resolving conflicts among your team members. If they are not communicating well or resolving conflicts, it could affect their productivity and your entire organization.

  • I provide the resources that leaders need to make better choices. My passion is writing about personal development and personal growth for leaders to make better choices through strong foundations to uncover their true strengths.
  • I use my writing to share examples of healthy choices with leaders as a powerful tool to empower them to make positive changes in their lives and the lives of others.

Be Your Best Self

  • Step into the leadership of your life. Free to choose and lead with heart, courage, clarity, and dedication.
  • Be your best self by being a role model for leaders yet to come. Live a legacy of healthy choices for personal development.

Live and Lead Happier

  • Become Better. Be Happy. One of the biggest challenges leaders face is how to become happier and more fulfilled in life. The good news is that happiness is not just for the lucky few. It’s a learnable skill, and it’s easier than you think to master the art of living happier.

Need Content That Converts to Success?

My life passion is writing about personal development and personal growth for leaders to make better choices through strong foundations to uncover their true strengths. Writing is a powerful tool for sharing examples of healthy choices for positive changes with leaders.

Who I Am

Everyone can become their potential.

Everyone has potential, and everyone can tap into it. This mantra is the foundation of my career. Background, experience, ethnicity, socio-cultural roots, language, intellectual and emotional capacities, and desires all weave together to form learning potential. The space built for learning and communication helps willing people engage more effectively in formal and informal settings.

I have always been fascinated by communication. Growing up in a family tourist business and meeting people from around the world, I learned to approach conversations with authenticity, and I’ve taken these skills into my professional life. When I was a child, we formed lasting relationships with customers through good old-fashioned human interaction, and as an adult, I use those same skills to build strong relationships. In addition, being raised in a family business helped strengthen my interpersonal skills and sparked a desire for authentic leadership.

What I Do

For more than two decades of my career, I have worked in education, mediation, conflict management, and consulting. These ventures have helped me to see the world from a unique perspective. As a freelance writer, speaker, and consultant, I find inspiration in the connection between “theory and practice.” Through my books and blog posts – as well as during conflict management workshops or executive coaching sessions – I weave stories from personal experience to encourage others to explore themselves and pursue their goals confidently.

I work with clients for:

  • Freelance Writing (blog posts and long-form articles edited with authoritative resources)
  • Keynotes (conflict management, communication skills, personal and professional development)
  • Curriculum Development (writing online or face-to-face courses and lessons)

How I Do It

Over the years, I have witnessed firsthand the power of personal and professional development with my clients. This transformation occurs when leaders are willing to question their beliefs and adapt rather than blindly resisting change. By accepting that change and conflict are inevitable and seeking out new growth opportunities, organizations come closer to reaching their full potential. The process begins with each leader striving to be their best self by taking a hard look inward and focusing on gifts instead of weaknesses.

Discover More About Why I Do What I Do

Being a mother, grandmother, and retired Chartered Mediator, drawing on more than 20 years of experience in education and conflict management to bring important lessons to life through writing, consulting, and books.

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